About Us

Explained and Proclaimed is planned by a small organising committee drawn from churches around the area.

Our Aims

1. In the first place the meeting is a focus for preaching. The Church at large urgently needs to recover the importance of expository preaching in our churches with a renewed confidence, vigour and enthusiasm. To help us in this we invite speakers to address us who are greatly gifted by God in this Ministry.

2. The gathering also aims to be a focus for Evangelical unity. Often we are fragmented in our work and witness Ė it is, therefore, good to have fellowship together around Godís word.

3. Thirdly it aims to be a focus for action, to encourage and challenge us to take what we learn and live it out under Godís grace in our churches, families and communities.
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The Annual North Staffs Bible Event
Keswick in the Potteries
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